Traditional Chinese Medicine may be another option for weight management. In the recent May 2012 publication of Obesity Reviews, a team of researchers performed a detailed systematic review of clinical studies looking at acupuncture and obesity. When compared to no treatment and pharmaceutical medications, the acupuncture studies showed: Greater weight loss Decreased BMI Decreased weight circumferenc

In addition to acupuncture’s efficacy on weight loss, scientists have provided explanations on how acupuncture promotes weight loss:


. ">Increases metabolism: Auricular (ear) acupuncture has been shown to temporarily increase

basal metabolic rate and suppresses appetite via effects on the autonomic nervous system. 

  • Improves insulin resistance: There is some data supporting acupuncture’s effectiven addressing a condition called insulin resistance, which is associated with metabolic syndrome. This is done by altering activity of the sympathetic nervous system and possibly correcting the insulin signal defect.
  • Decreases abdominal fat: An MRI study demonstrated a decrease in abdominal fat storage after acupuncture treatments.
  • ">Appetite suppression: In the rat model, electro-acupuncture influenced the hypothalamus and obesity-related hormones to promote appetite suppression. 

Clearly, obesity is not a simple issue, nor is it easy to fix. Focus on optimal health by way of proper nutrition, maintaining an active lifestyle, and applying stress management techniques. Using integrative approaches like acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine may just be the additional resource needed to enhance your weight-management regime.